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What substances in a mattress can cause allergies?

Ever thought that one of your most prized possessions could be the one thing causing you to have sleepless nights?-literally! Our mattresses are supposed to help us catch up on much needed rest, but the contents of our mattresses could be more harmful to some than we realize. It could seem that the back pain and sore bodies caused by some of the mattresses we buy daily, could no longer be the main cause of " moody Trudy's" or those waking up "on the wrong side of the bed", but stuffy noses and red, itchy eyes.

What in our caresses could possibly be a cause allergies?

A mattress is constructed using many different element to build up the layers of heaven we need to rest. These contents may be building up layers of hell, draining your flame.


It is known that one of the substances used in the making of a mattress, is hair. Whether it be animal or human hair, allergic reactions may form. An allergic reaction to hair, may bring forward itchy skin, rashes and a stuffy nose. So, if hair gives you an irritated skin, refrain from laying your precious body on a king sized mattress full of hairy-goodness!


In some mattresses, latex is used in many forms. Usually the latex is used in the comfort layers of the bed. Latex is a soft rubber that could be deadly. More and more we are hearing about doctors and nurses, not being able to use latex gloves whilst working, because of the pain and irritation it can cause to those allergic. Reactions to the latex, may vary. With skin reactions, hives and generalized itching could be likely to appear. Respiratory reactions may develop a shortness of breath, followed by coughing, sneezing and even a runny nose.


Just like our friend, latex, vinyl is used in the multiple comfort chambers of a mattress. An antioxidant in PVC,called Biphenyl A, has been

recognized as one of the main troublemakers used when manufacturing vinyl. Contact with vinyl may cause it's poor victims skin irritations, as well as respiratory problems when in contact.


To protect a mattress, polyester yarn is used to make the ticking with which the protective layer is made. Polyester is one material that is known to cause most allergic reactions which shows mostly on the surface of the skin. The symptoms observed can vary from being mild to dangerous. They may also manifest either almost instantly or within a delayed period of time. These reactions include itching, the tenderness of skin, hives around the upper body and skin abrasions. So when you realize Mrs. Poly Ester has laid her nasty self next to you whilst sleeping, make sure to cover her with some nice cotton sheets.

Whether we like it or not, we need sleep. But in order to get that good night's rest you've been fantasizing about, be sure that you have the right mattress, not only to prevent an aching body and grinding bed sores, but to prevent allergies getting the better of you and stealing your well deserved rest. You've earned it…

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