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Safety Planning Discussion Tool

This Safety Planning Discussion Tool is from Advocacy Beyond Leaving by Jill Davies.

The use of this outline is intended to support discussion rather than going through an “intake” form. This allows a person to better share her/his information in the sequence and way they choose and serves as a tool to help gather and offer important information.

Safety Planning Approach Summary:

  1. Understand the victim’s perspective, including her risk analysis and current safety plan for her and her children. The plan might be for her to leave the relationship or to remain in the relationship or in contact. It may also include safety strategies for her children’s contact with their father.
  2. Build a partnership with the victim to respectfully review her analysis and to explore resources and options that will strengthen her plan for her safety and the safety of the children.
  3. Work with the victim to implement the enhanced safety plan.

For more information, click here to download the complete resource.1

  1. http://www.futureswithoutviolence.org/userfiles/file/Children_and_Families/Advocates%20Guide(1).pdf
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